The Initial Approach:

Once we have projects ready for discussions with potential partners, we list them on our site, as you may have seen.  We welcome enquiries & reach out to others through networking & contact with potential clients whom we strongly believe may have a realistic interest in a particular product.  However, we are most certainly not using hard sell tactics - to do so would contradict our general ethos.

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When we connect with a prospective partner:

If we are approached by, or otherwise connect with a prospective partner, we prepare a sturdy concept presentation package, showcasing our plans for whichever product is of interest.


We will arrange to introduce ourselves properly, and explain the detail of our presentation package, at a face to face meeting (or by video link where COVID-19 restrictions are in effect), following agreement on confidentiality terms.  Development Agreements & Revenue/ IP Sharing Agreements necessarily follow as the next step, so that as we take things forward together, we all know where we stand & what is expected of the relationship, for our mutual benefit.   To a certain point we may be flexible about the direction in which a project evolves depending on the terms of the specific agreement which is ultimately enacted.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Also in line with the terms of our standard development agreement, we would always seek to protect our innovations using devices such as patents & design registrations.  Our business is founded on the principle that our partners, to the degree that they contribute in bringing the design concept through development & into the production & retail phases, have earned the right to a suitably rewarding percentage of the revenue arising from sales or licencing of the technology.  In some circumstances, we also affirm that they are eligible to receive an equally generous share of ownership in the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of each product.


Our design optimisation process weaves many interconnected beneficial features into the fabric of our products* - for us, the complexity of our design philosophy demands the surety of proper IP protection, hence it will never be seen as a corner to cut.  We want you to be assured that a partnership with Deus_Ex Design is a valuable business relationship, with potential for vast successes.  New designs are being generated on a regular basis, with the Projects page being updated periodically.  *(See list below)

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Please note that we deliberately enfold as many of the following characteristics as possible into each & every design, thereby improving its overall commercial value in the great majority of cases.  We discard projects which cannot be highly optimised to meet these standards.

  • All inventions should be amenable to patenting &/or other IP protections, across all territories.

  • We fully expect high sales volumes for all our products.

  • We anticipate respectably high retail prices for all products.

  • All products demonstrate significant innovative leaps & novelty value, generating desirability & increasing the likelihood of success.  Almost all products are very capable of inspiring interest worldwide.  A good proportion of the products developed have incredible global sales potential, possibly to hundreds of millions of private unit sales & valuable corporate contracts.

  • Many items would be attractive as licencing opportunities.

  • All products have a very long anticipated market life.  Indeed, many could be considered timeless, capable of becoming household names - preserving their success for decades to come.

  • Several products provide opportunities for continuous resale of related items (components or refurbishments), also enabling the development of strategic partnerships with other companies - all of which greatly enhances the potential for our long-term profitability.

  • Certain products will benefit from partnership arrangements with one or more of the top online media brands (Google, Spotify, Facebook, Youtube, etc..)

Key Component of our Business Model

(Our Means of Profitable Operation):


Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd is totally unaffiliated, with broad scope for application in many areas of commerce, and thus we can shift from one industry to another as necessary, constantly assessing the many ideas which are in consideration at any one time.  A generalist approach such as ours ensures total flexibility, and enables the inventive process across the full spectrum of business endeavour, in all manner of industries, at all times - being both reactive, and proactive, with thorough freedom for productive, inspired creativity. 


In terms of how this approach informs our business operations, the formula is simple:  Because we are ALWAYS working with inspiration for new product conceptions, we are less dependent on desperately trying to force success on the back of a single product/ very few products.  Instead, we are flexible to move dynamically between a range of projects as necessary, cycling through the outworkings of changes in market needs as they arise, taking advantage of the opportunities where we find them.  We have confidence that in time most concepts in our portfolio will be developed by ourselves or picked up as licensing opportunities by others, and so we just keep moving forwards.  This feeds into the way we view matters such as royalties, IP & revenue sharing arrangements:  We are non-aggressive, and will always settle for a reasonable agreement, without insistence on an unreasonably high percentage 'cut'.

Constant Flow of New Ideas:


We achieve our results via thoughtful, 'haute-conceptual' problem solving, and this process is ongoing at all times - we're always on the lookout for anything which might constitute an opportunity for creative concept development.  And the ideas arise constantly!   In addition to products which can be physically manufactured, we've developed several appealing desktop software & mobile app concepts. 

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Project Management:


Our main projects page contains our Master List - each innovation which has been developed within our portfolio over the past few years (during the preparatory phase of our business development) is contained here.  With a brief summary of the product details on the Master List, individual projects will be annotated as 'available', 'in discussions', or 'completed', and of course you can contact us directly to enquire about projects that catch your eye.


Please note that in 90% of situations we will only discuss any given product with one company at a time, as we prefer to work in exclusivity - as far as possible/ reasonable - in order to generate better business relationships.  As a result, if you're interested in a specific product which is currently in the discussions stages with someone else, we would assign you to the waiting list for that product, keeping you updated periodically. 

At a suitable juncture we will add a 'partners' page to highlight our successes, though if applicable you may of course opt out of being listed as you choose.

Simon Thorpe

(Director, Deus_Ex Design UK Ltd)

3rd February 2021

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