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Welcome to the website of Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd.  We are a product design & IP management studio, with a broad portfolio of original designs for products which offer novel, innovative solutions to a variety of problems, across many industries.

The UK manufacturing sector will bounce back with renewed vigour as the COVID-19 recovery proceeds, and we intend to be a part of that success.  In addition to working from private financial investment, we're also seeking funding through grants originating with the UK government & other public sources, because with our large stable of products, we have the potential to generate long-term economic opportunities within the UK.  Have a look through our portfolio, and if you have an interest in working with us, please see the 'Partner With Us' page for more information..

Thanks, Simon Thorpe (Founder & CTO, May 2022)




Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd was incorporated in September 2017 as an outlet for the many innovative, original design concepts generated in response to my observations of a variety of cross-industry trends, scientific discoveries, activities & events of the past ten years, as well as personal experience gathered in a number of areas (including engineering, telecoms & manufacture).  Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd creates high potential, totally original design concepts, for sponsorship through to commercial launch by our licensee partners.  We are totally immersed in processes facilitating the creation & development of original, innovative technologies, commercially viable as attractive, profitable products.


As a 'Product Design & Intellectual Property Management Studio', we work with engineering & software concepts constantly; however, in our methodology we share much in common with creative artists - working flexibly in a variety of mediums; hence we have adopted the 'Studio' appellation.  As materials science, process engineering & communications technologies have advanced in the past decade, it has become ever more reasonable & pragmatic for businesses both large & small to make use of the opportunities for commercial success arising from the lean, agile & adaptive interfacing arrangements provided through channels of Distributed/ Open Innovation - such as Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd.

We're focused on maximising the flow of creative ideation, which necessitates continual movement through the processes of innovation - as each product takes form, we develop the intellectual property & ultimately propose generous development & licensing agreements with our partners, with whom we hope to ensure the commercial success of our products.  As a result, the development, licensing, IP & revenue-sharing agreements for our mutual shared interests in the products are weighted in your favour as a licensee. 

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New concepts are always being added to the stable of existing projects - all presently available concepts can be viewed on the Projects page, which is constantly updated as the weeks & months go by.  For more information on our operational processes, please see the Partner With Us page. 

Please see our Contact section for info on how to get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything you've seen on this site, whether you're interested in the possibilities of short-term collaboration &/or the development of a longer-term business relationship with us.


Thanks for your interest in Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd.  Please do share our details with any contacts who might be interested in exploring any of our licensing opportunities.

Simon Thorpe (Founder & CTO)

Deus_Ex Design (UK) Ltd

3rd February 2021


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